Festival International du Film d'Aubagne: from May 31stth to june 5thth 2021

All my friends are dead

Lettonie, Animation, 6’40, Numérique HD , 2019, 1er film


When Anna Za is was young, she experienced the upswing of social networks. Once active cultural life has slowed down but the desire for real conversations is still there. She will fight to the end... for a chance to talk with someone.
  • Réalisation / Direction: Anna Zaca, Nils Skapans
  • Musique originale / Original score: Dominique Dumont
  • Concepteur sonore / Sound designer: Artis Dukalsis
  • Scénario / Screenplay: Zaca Anna
  • Production: VFS
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  • Lapu iela 17 LV-1002 Riga Lettonie
All my friends are dead