Festival International du Film d'Aubagne: from May 31stth to june 5thth 2021

CB Pierre Pinaud

CB Pierre Pinaud
Pierre Pinaud studied at the École Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière. In 2000, his first short film Gelée Précoce was selected in multiple French and international festivals and won 17 prizes. Afterward, he directed Fonctions annexes for “Cannes young talents” and went on with two medium length films : Submersible in 2004 and Les Miettes, in 2008, an awarded homage to burlesque, winner of the César fort best short feature in 2009 as well as the Syndicat de la critique prize and the Lutin for best film.

Parlez-moi de vous, his first feature film with Karin Viard and Nicolas Duvauchelle, produced by Estrella Productions and distributed by Diaphana in 2012, wins the Grand prize and the award for Best actress at the Réunion festival. It has been broadcasted on Arte and Canal+ after being seen by more than 300,000 people and distributed in more than 10 countries.

La Fine fleur, his second feature film starring Catherine Frot, Vincent Dedienne and rapper Melan Omerta, is a social comedy, mixing emotion and humor in the world of roses creators and their sharing of knowledge. The movie will be released in France and in more than 25 countries in 2021.

La Fine Fleur

  • Réalisation / Direction: Pierre Pinaud
  • France