Festival International du Film d'Aubagne: from May 31stth to june 5thth 2021


Espagne, Fiction, 14’20, 35 mm, 2020, 3e film


Two strangers decide to stay one more day, after the airline offering , due to overbooking on their flight. Mario accepts Catalina´s offer to accompany her to a photo exhibition, while she goes with him to a concert in a bar he knows. This day may become, the day that changes their lives.
  • Réalisation / Direction: Alex San Martin
  • Musique originale / Original score: Klermoon
  • Image: David Matt
  • Montage / Editing: Borja Azpiroz
  • Scénario / Screenplay: Alex San Martin
  • Interprètes / Cast: Paula Iglesias, Pau Sola
  • Production: La Promesa Cinematográfica
  • Travesia Santa Maria Magdalena, 3 piso 1B 28016 Madrid Espagne
  • Distribution: YAQ Distribución
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